After sign in you can create and spread your own promo code to refer users and earn commission from their real coins bets.

Each newly registered user can redeem this code within 24 hours since registration and get free 50 coins.

Only users who played at least 8 hours of CS:GO prior to registration can claim this promo coins!

Please be respectful with how you share your promo code or link, those found disruptively and aggressively spamming codes may have their code nullified.

Likewise, do not advertise your code in the chatbox on the website, this will also nullify your code.

You may not refer yourself on another account.

Commission gained is proportional to the number of referred unique depositors.

Affiliate Level Unique depositors count Commission Rate
Bronze 0-49 5%
Silver 50-199 7.5%
Gold 200 or more 15%